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What can Social Psychology Tell us about Making and Keeping Friends in college?

By this time in the semester, a lot of first-time freshmen are asking the age-old question, “Why am I not making any friends in college?!” Well, of course, others may be so bogged down with friendships that they might not realize that many of those friendships may not last past the college years.

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One of my greatest concerns in college was personal safety. I was bitterly aware of the high crime rate on campus and had been a victim on more occasions than I’d like to share. In any case, my schedule was all over the place in my freshman year, and I had to walk in the dark, alone, multiple times through the week. My mom’s advice was to carry mace. I did carry it, but it was so obvious,

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This post is just a quick change of pace. I wanted to share with you the books I’m reading this month. The books we read tell so much about us, and I thought it would be a unique way for you to get to know me.

Books I’m Reading in September

Cool Japan Guide

Don’t ask me why — I know next to nothing about the Japanese culture, but I love sushi.

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Before college, my parents gave me two pieces of advice that I wanted to share with you as many College Mamma’s readers are just starting out in college for the first time. This post is being shared in honor of my father who was just diagnosed with cancer for the second time. [Prayers appreciated.]

Life Advice from Dad

dad's advicedad's advice

“If you ever see a couple trying to get a picture of themselves,
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Fall semester at many colleges is just getting started. This is the point where you need to make the best impression on your teacher. This post contains five of the most helpful strategies for impressing your professor.

Why Is a First Impression Important?

Believe it or not, even with high credentials, doctorates, post docs, graduate degrees and all levels of certification, college professors are not inherently unbiased and non-judgemental. In all honesty, the judgment begins in the first class.

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As Hurricane Harvey recovery in Houston begins, let’s not forget the lessons we learned in Katrina. Journalist Sheri Fink documented the horrific conditions at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans, Lousiana during the hurricane in which life-support systems lost power, food and medicine depleted, temperatures soared, and patients tried to survive in darkness.
Doctors were left with a decision they felt was the only ethical thing left to do and injected elderly patients with lethal doses of morphine and sedatives.

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As you settle into the fall semester at college, you may have noted on a few of your syllabi that you are required to type in Times New Roman size 12. However, every time you open a new MS Word file, the default font is in Calibri, size 11. That means that every single time you want to make a new homework assignment you will need to switch the font from Calibri, size 11 to Times New Roman,

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Citation styles tend to be somewhat of a shock to students, this includes a lot of international students who’ve never had to do this before. Each citation style has a specified set of rules that pertain to any source you can get your hands on. This post contains my journey on how I learned citation styles quickly and even called teachers out for not knowing the styles as well I do. You will also find out my go-to resources for perfect citations.

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