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Send in your college-life-related problems by emailing me at [email protected], and you will see responses posted here on College Mamma’s Advice page. College Mamma will provide advice for you on almost anything college-related. Your posts will be published on this page when a response is ready.

Why Submit to College Mamma’s Advice Blog?

There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to get advice from College Mamma. First of all, I’ve been a college student, and I’ve been a student in almost every way imaginable.

First of all, I’ve been a college student that has taken classes online, at community colleges, at many different universities, regular classes, hybrid classes, and you name it. I’ve lived in dorms, on-campus apartments, and off campus. I commuted by car, bus/ train/ trolley, and lived on campus. I’ve also been through my bachelor’s and graduate degree at a state school and a private ivy-league school, respectively.

Secondly, I’ve been a professor for over five years. Not just in one university, but at over ten different colleges and universities. I have an excellent understanding of the differences between various types of programs and can speak from experience.

Third, I have been working with individual students for years helping them write dissertations, graduate theses, and research papers. As a former English-as-a-second-language professor, I’ve collaborated with students from the ground up getting them to put their best foot forward. I’ve managed to help hundreds of students get accepted to the college of their dreams by working from an insider’s perspective. I can help you too.

Fourth, just before my grad program began, I had just given birth. So I can relate to almost any parent that’s attended school with young children. I’ve also experienced college being single and married.

Finally, I am here for you to help and support all college students going through the process of college success. This advice page is just for you to get help in all things college-related.


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