Hi there! I’m College Mamma (aka. Diane). I’ve been supporting college students for the past decade with my advice and guidance.

My Journey to Support College Preparedness and Success

I started my journey as an ESL (English-as-a-second language) professor after getting my graduate degree in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. All of the classes I taught supported English language skills for college preparedness. I gave lectures not only on essential language skills but also test-taking, studying, resume writing skills.

On a one-to-one basis, I helped students write letters of intent and winning college essays. I’ve worked with them to achieve college acceptance and then later helped them navigate through the complicated college system with writing papers/ theses/ dissertations and conducting research. After that, I have also helped college students get their dream jobs at the end, by working to create eye-popping resumes and carefully crafted cover letters as well as interview advice as well as teaching them how to identify a good company match for their skills.

Students often find themselves as slaves of the system and feel they have no rights in their college. As a professor who has taught at over ten universities and colleges, I have a strong understanding of this system and want to help you navigate the system so you can find your own success as a college student.

So, I am here to offer you resources, knowledge about critical issues, and more so that you can achieve your dreams.

Who is College Mamma?

I live in Philadelphia with my husband and two children. I’m a health nut and feel it’s my mission to help students stay healthy throughout the college years. Not only are the college years the time when health gets side-tracked, but it also becomes quite costly, so look back occasionally for more tips on saving money in college. I learn new tips all the time and love to pass the news onto you.

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Hope to see you around!

Other Facts about Me