I’ve finally gotten neck deep into Typography and have released several fonts in the past week all of which I am quite proud. One of the things about fonts that really intrigues me are the lines and curves, but before that I was just plain ol’ bored with the free fonts we all can access through typical word processors. I miss the feeling of handwriting that I get from reading old journals and diaries and seeing all of the personality that goes into the handwriting. Most of my fonts are handwritten (albeit with some heavy editing), but I strive to get a feeling of personality in each font by bending the lines a little, a style that’s not so clear-cut but rough around the edges, sort of like life!

Fonts with Personality Grab Attention

One of the main reasons fonts exist is to set projects/ businesses apart from competitors. Humans pick up on these differences quickly. Almost all of us can identify the P icon in Pinterest, or the F icon for Facebook. What’s more, after spending a fortune on font licensing from third-parties, Netflix recently announced its own custom font meant to save the company millions each year. Unfortunately, it’s not very impressive:

Nothing new, same old curves and lines we’ve always been used to. It doesn’t beg for attraction like the gentle smile in Amazon’s logo (below). The arrow points into the bottom of the z for a smirk that has it just right! It grabs attention, not only because it’s different, but it has meaning behind it, SMILE!

Even though the z in Amazon’s logo is not a new font but a logo, it still shows us that new fonts are attractive. The more attractive graphics are, the more attention they get.

My Latest Fonts with Personality

So, here’s where I present you with some of my own font concoctions geared towards getting that second look. They are EXCELLENT for book covers, children’s literature, comic books and many other typographic purposes. They are all up for sale (or free) on TeachersPayTeachers.

Black Arvid Serif

This is half black letter/ half fantasy thrown into one font. It’s inspired by the typography of the Harry Potter series.

Inspira Sans

I love fonts that make everything seem simple and pleasing. This font is so adorable. This font as a MUST HAVE for board books in children’s literature.

Melted Crayons

Mmm melted crayons! My new fave! I love to create artwork by melting crayons on canvas, the curves in this made me think of those times. The first image below contains extra graphics of wax drippings that are not actually part of the font but displayed for effect. The rest of the pictures are more accurate. I also included free word graphics for each color depicted in the second picture below for free with purchase of Melted Crayons font.

Walk Around Sans

This font is your regular run-of-the-mills casual font with personality in each letter.


One of my older fonts, I made this font during the process of doing some comic book writing in a series on Super Owl a few months ago.

Dods & Bobs

Last, but not least, get this script font Dods & Bobs for free!

Author: College Mamma

College Mamma is a professor who blogs for students. She is also a mother of two and a lover of coffee.