Over this past (LONG!) winter, I spent a great deal of time going through my parents old photos trying to fix coloration problems and rips/ tears through my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Each picture took time to restore, and as I worked on each, I came to look more deeply at the details in each picture. For example, what type of clothing they wore, what type of antiques they kept in their house. It gave me a deeper perspective about their personalities as well as the time period.

Typography is in my Blood

I would also share my screen with my parents at times while I worked on them and they would share more and more details about each photo as we went through. I was always expecting them to repeat the same ol’ story over and over again, but it was new things I had never heard before. One tidbit I learned was that I had a pretty wicked great-grandmother who blamed her daughter for her stillbirth. Having gone through thousands of images, I now tell my mom that I have “studied her life” and know more about her life than she does. Now, we often argue about dates as if we were the same person living the same life. In any case, it’s help me to grow in understanding and “walk in someone else’s shoes.”

As we discussed relatives over many cups of coffee, I kept seeing parallels between myself and my bloodline. I already knew we shared a musical bloodline, but I also learned about my ancestors’ hobbies and side jobs, one of which was often typography. My father, grandfather and two of his brothers had worked as typographers–something I hadn’t known before. Prior to learning this information about my family, I have been obsessed with font making for a long time. However, I was faced with many obstacles and found that learning all of the technology involved with font making was quite overwhelming (at least in the beginning).

How I picked up the Skills of the Trade

Therefore, as I picked up my tech skills slowly, I spent a lot of time simply working on my strokes in various types of calligraphy. I never gave up though, and persevered through some trying times. I spent hours and hours reading books, taking courses, and trying on my own. I once spent every living hour of a two week period obsessing over creating an Arabic font which proved one of my greatest challenges. (It’s still in progress, but on the back burner for the time being.)

As I came to develop my style, I simply drew on my passions. For example, I recently released for purchase two fonts that I personally made for comic book making. Today, I put up a more recent font inspired by child-like writing called WalkAroundSans. I love reading fonts as if they were real handwriting, and this font is no exception. It is easy to read and original.

Releasing my Own Fonts

The best thing about typography these days is that it can be put up for sale as a digital download. So it becomes like a passive income. If you have skills in typography or art, I recommend putting some of your work up for sale during your college years as a back up and so you can “make money while you sleep”. Otherwise, if you like my work, download my new font and have fun with it! Click on the shop button on the header to view my TeachersPayTeachers store. (TeachersPayTeachers is a marketplace for educators where you can sell education-related digital downloads and educational videos. However, anyone can be a member.)

Author: College Mamma

College Mamma is a professor who blogs for students. She is also a mother of two and a lover of coffee.