Have you had an argument with your roommate? Stressing about your roommate’s nail clippings or socks on the floor? It can always get worse. This post brings in some of the most jaw-dropping college roommate experiences posted recently on Reddit.

Roommate’s Psycho Girlfriends

One guy recorded the on-going argument of his roommate’s girlfriend going crazy on him. The guy’s calm demeanor in listening to the vicious fight indicates how normal this type of fight could be. Who can study with this going on? (Caution: video contains violence and foul language.)

Thankfully, the guy who recorded the video later posted that the two broke up a few days later after the video was taken. I think that was for the best.

Another psycho girlfriend story:

If you are in a situation where your suitemate is faced with this type of relationship, know that it can easily get worse. If you notice the tell-tale signs, get help from your RA, talk to your roomie, and try to work something out. If you seem complacent after the first open argument/ fight and do nothing, they will easily start up again. Approach your roommate when they’ve cooled down and let them know how uncomfortable you are. Let them know that this behavior cannot continue in your presence, and you will not hesitate to notify authorities should the behavior continue. Let them know that safety is the number one priority for you and them.

Harry Potter Deja Vu

This horrifying roommate situation had me laughing so hard I had to hold myself from falling over.

As someone who listens to podcasts to get to sleep and also hates headphones. I “get” this. Headphones are pretty obnoxious to sleep in. Thankfully, there are other options now such as these cozy sleep headphones (headphones in a cozy sleep-band):

The Belt-it BackStreet Style Roommate

One student mentioned her roommate’s strange obsession with an art she clearly had no skills in. Probably not the worst situation, but certainly obnoxious enough to destroy a good college homelife.

Passive Aggressive Cleanups

This student posted about her roommate’s initial nonchalance about cleanliness which led into full-on rage.

I like one of the commenters who advised others to keep their own dining-ware in their own room after it’s clean. Otherwise, paper plates and takeout may become an extra expense.

Another possible solution:

Just don’t become like this dreaded roommate:

Masturbating Roommate

It’s a scary thought, but it is somewhat common theme in roommates-from-hell posts. Roommates may masturbate with you in the room. They may also do it in your sheets. Choose your bedding wisely and see my post on dorm essentials. Reddit posts:

Roommate masturbating while I’m in the room…? from college

Here’s one that gives me shivers.

Don’t forget that even if they are not masturbating in your presence, they may be totally fine with hanging out with you while they are entirely naked.

Puppy Shopping Spree Roommate

This post about a couple of roommates who decided that buying a puppy would be the best for their dorm arrangements didn’t work out well for anyone involved.

Advice: if you are actually considering bringing a pet into your dorm. Don’t. Animals need a lot of attention and it takes a lot of responsibility to raise and train them properly, not to mention walks, feeding, general attention, veterinarian care, and etc. You might even reconsider getting a goldfish.

One Reddit post told of a roommate who knocked over a fish tank and just let the fish die rather than pick the fish up and put them in water again.

You may even reconsider having a pet in a roommate situation if you are living in off-campus housing. This pet horror story demonstrates the possibility that your college roommate may be an animal abuser. It happened to this Reddit poster:

Roommate Contracts

Even if you really click with your roommate and love them at the beginning, the dynamics of stress and everyday life can radically shift your homelife. Start out with a contract. Think about the worst case scenarios, and I stress, even if you really love them make a contract! You all should come to an agreement about what the rules are and penalties for breaking the rules. Written contracts are enforceable to a degree. Check out this post about creating a roommate contract at HerCampus


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