Food Insecurity

Food insecurity on campus is a growing trend and needs action. “Data from a survey of more than 4,000 students at 10 institutions around the country revealed that one in five was hungry, and 13 percent were homeless” (source).


Temple University and Wisconsin HOPE Lab are currently hosting #RealCollege hashtag on Twitter.

The aim behind this hashtag is to draw attention to the food insecurities that undergraduate students often face while they study. As transformations take place in higher education, the needs of these students must be taken into consideration.

In the April 2016 #RealCollege event last year, “more than 150 policymakers, practitioners, advocates, faculty, students, and researchers working to secure undergraduates’ basic needs came together for the two-day event and together achieved the following goals” (source).

Temple is also hosting activities at their campus while a nationwide conversation takes place. Info.

My Experience

For most of my time as a professor, I taught in community colleges where most of my students’ biggest obstacles were due to personal finances. At one point, one of my students who usually came to class late with red eyes told me after class that he would just look around for an empty classroom to sleep in because he had “lost everything.”

College is a huge struggle. I’ve seen students drop out of their classes because of a $50 textbook. Even though the aid they received was enough to cover class tuition, they had to choose between feeding their kids or textbooks.

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Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RealCollege

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