Before college, my parents gave me two pieces of advice that I wanted to share with you as many College Mamma’s readers are just starting out in college for the first time. This post is being shared in honor of my father who was just diagnosed with cancer for the second time. [Prayers appreciated.]

Life Advice from Dad

dad's advice

“If you ever see a couple trying to get a picture of themselves, offer to take it for them.”

There are a couple of reasons why you should take this advice. Firstly, asking to help complete strangers out takes a lot of courage and confidence. It also means that if you are introverted you have to take on an extroverted personality to do it. Not all of us can gather the guts on a moment’s notice to help a stranger out.

Secondly, by offering to help you need to demonstrate that you are someone who is trustworthy. You need to meet them at their level, smile, engage with them, converse with them. This takes social skills that are so important in real life. Your success at this demonstrates that you have good social skills. The ability to speak to complete strangers is needed in almost any business and job. You might also make new friends.

Thirdly, by taking a picture on their behalf, you are demonstrating a small contribution to society. The couple can have this photo for years to come and remember the good times. USA, LLC

Fourthly, small acts of kindness never go unrewarded. You do something good for them, and they will do something good for someone else. One day it will come back to you. It’s just good karma.

So from heeding this small piece of advice, you learn confidence, extroversion, communication skills, and do good for others. Now onto the next piece of advice from Mom.

Life Advice from Mom

mom's advice

“You make your bed; you sleep in it.”

This advice was passed down to my mom from her father who told her this when she moved away to college back in the 60’s. The implication of this advice is that you are completely in control of your actions. Everything you do affects you.

While this advice often comes off as a threat for doing wrong and having it come back to bite you, it can also be interpreted the other way around. Life can be as pleasant as you want it with the proper preparation.

I think Naval Admiral William H. McRaven says it the best:


I’d love to hear some of your favorite life advice. Please share in the comment section below.

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