I recently published a post about ways to save money on college textbooks, but I recently found out about a new startup company offering an even better deal saving both time and money. If you are still purchasing textbooks, you are in luck because you may still be able to save money.

What is BookBandit?

Source: BookBandit.com

BookBandit is a free app available on Google Play or Apple App Store offering a one-stop, low-cost solution to college textbook shopping. In short, this app can help you search for your books from 20+ textbook retailers in print, rental, or e-book versions. You also have the option to buy or sell locally by selecting your area or school in-app.

If you are looking to buy textbooks, you have three options in the app. The first option is to search your college/ university and look up the courses you are taking. The other option is to enter the textbook title, author, or ISBN.

You can also scan the barcode for a quicker lookup. The barcode scanner is especially useful if you are already inside the bookstore and want to compare all retail prices at the same time.

The third option to buy books is to buy local by searching the book and location you want.

What Do I Need to Use BookBandit?

You need three things:

  • smart phone/ device connected to the internet/ wifi
  • list of books with title & author or ISBN
  • a student email issued from your university/ college

What are People Saying about BookBandit?

On BookBandit’s Facebook page, the reviews are overly positive. One college student posted a video explaining that she had saved $150 on one book alone.

Why Should You Try BookBandit?

I’m not sure I can think of a reason not to try BookBandit! It’s a free app that will do all the hard work of searching for the best prices for you.

Secondly, forget about the buyback scams at the end of the semester or putting up flyers. Make connections with other verified students who want to buy your old textbooks from the app and sell it directly to them.

Also, BookBandit only gets better if you get more people involved. Tell your classmates about it and encourage them to purchase through the app. More students on it = more sales for your used books or textbook options.

Lastly, by using the promo code “SAVEBIG1005” you will save a little more in your final order.


I’m really excited to hear more about this app as BookBandit was recently chosen to be one out of twenty-five companies in the Google Advantage Program, an invite-only program for up-and-coming companies.

If you are in the market for textbooks, please see my other post on saving money on college textbook purchases.

Otherwise, have you tried BookBandit? How much did you save and would you recommend it?

Now that you’ve got your textbooks, protect them! Just as you learned how easy they are to sell, they are just as easy to steal and sell! Read my article about a small product that will help you track lost items in the event that they are ever stolen. It’s about the size of a key chain and can easily be placed inside your backpack.

Author: College Mamma

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