Dear College Mamma,

I am going into my freshman year in college and I was paired with another guy as a roommate in a double. At this moment, we are about 1 month from move in day, he just decided to rush instead! What will happen to my room? Will I just live alone in the same room? Will they assign a new roommate?

-Lonely Roommate

Dear Lonely,

I’ve been in your shoes, I lost two roommates in different semesters in the middle of the semester. Sometimes students drop out or find alternative housing, like your roommate did. Usually, if it’s early enough in the semester, they will add someone. Since you are still one month shy of moving in, there is a HUGE chance you will get another roommate. For my freshman year, all students were automatically assigned a dorm room, so I had to bail because the thought of dorming frightened me in the first year. So, my soon-to-be roommate was placed with someone else within a few days; they were freaking out a bit too, and I felt bad. So, I’m pretty sure that within days, you’ll be notified of a new roommate.

On the other hand, if this happened mid-semester, you would most likely end up on your own unless someone had a problem with another roommate and demanded to be switched to another room. When I lost my roommates, it was pretty quiet and lonely for a while, but I got used to it and realized how much easier it was to get dressed, but I did miss the human interaction.

Have a great semester! 

college mamma



Hey Readers,

If you are in the same situation (getting ready for the dorm life), please check out my recent post for a list of items to get for your new dorm! Also, if you need advice, feel free to see my advice page or mail in your own inquiries.

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