How I Found Coastal Prescription Glasses

When I was doing my masters, I was dirt poor. My prescription glasses broke on me and the only thing I could think to do to keep functioning was to put some tape to hold them together. I was miserable and embarrassed. Well, one day I had invited a classmate to have lunch at my home and mentioned my predicament. She mentioned Coastal eyeglasses to me that I could get my first pair for free.

Filling My Order

It was easy to input my prescription into their website as I filled out my order. I was able to accurately record my pupilary distance (PD) with a metric ruler. Because I was ordering glasses rather than contacts, there was no need for them to contact my optometrist to verify my prescription. The video below will show you how to measure for single vision prescriptions.

I paid the shipping which was about $12 at that time (back in 2013). About 1-2 weeks later, my new glasses arrived. It was totally within my price point when I would have expected to pay more than $200 for something basic at a store. The lenses and frames came all included in the same price (free glasses, $12 shipping).

Quality Lenses

All frames at Coastal come with free standard air lenses (plus free shipping & returns). They also offer Kodak BlueReflect® and anti-reflective coatings for low prices compared to other stores. All lenses come scratch resistant and UV protective.

Frame “Fittings”

One of the things that stops people from ordering online is the look and feel of an object. Coastal walks you though how to measure your face shape with a visual tutorial. However, I pretty much knew that d-shaped glasses look best on me, so I took my chances.

My Glasses Today

Anyway, I used my initial pair of glasses for the following two years. No one could believe I paid only $12 for prescription eye glasses. While I am no longer using those same glasses these days, I continue to buy from Coastal, whether to get a new look or update my prescription. They offer free returns if you are ever dissatisfied. That said, I’ve never made a return because I’ve always loved the feel and the quality of the frames and lenses.

The pair I normally wear was unisex and looked amazing on my husband so I bought him the same pair. People must think we are nuts when we go out together, but I don’t care because I am never going back to brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores.

These days I always seem to find glasses for about $35 on their site, and with their ongoing promotions, I usually always find a deal for 10 – 30% off, so the final price is about $20 – 30 including basic lenses.

Anyway, I’ve just updated my prescription and I’m buying my same favorite pair again along with some new shades.

What’s In the Box?

When I started ordering for my husband and myself, the boxes came with eye glass spray, a black clamshell eyeglass protector with Coastal’s logo, and a microfiber wipe (they are the best). These days, I’ve found that they will add a screwdriver keychain to tighten screws and a microfiber wipe. The “extras” always change, but it’s always a nice surprise.

The box takes about 1 week to deliver in the continental US.

What Will I Do With the Old Frames?

I’m so attached to my Coastal glasses with their vibrant colors as well as their timeless fashionable appeal — I just can’t part with the old ones just yet. So I have a mountain of black Coastal clamshells with glasses inside. At some point I’ll donate them, but if my children ever want to play dress up, I might remove the lenses and have them play with them.


Have you tried ordering prescription glasses online? What has your experience been? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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Author: College Mamma

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