If you’re thinking about coming to Philadelphia to learn English, take a look at the prices for some of the most popular intensive ESL programs. Below is a table showing the annual tuition for each ESL program.

Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities to start out in as an international student for several reasons. Firstly, it is close to two other major cities, New York City and Washington D.C. You also get the benefit of being able to visit these cities without paying the high price of being a resident. Moreover, you can find many cheap housing options within Philadelphia. Further, there is no tax on food or clothing here, so you can shop until you drop without paying a cent more than necessary. Lastly, Philadelphia is rich in various cultural communities, so you may find your home away from home here.

Intensive ESL Program Costs

Name of ESL InstituteTition CostLength of SessionsCost per WeekCost per yearCEA Accreditation
Drexel English Language Center$5,280 plus fees10 weeks$528$21,120Yes
University of Pennsylvania English Language Program$5,150 – $6,1417 weeks$735$30,900Yes
Temple Intensive English Language Program$2,795 (7 weeks)$5,330(14 weeks)7 weeks$399$16,770No
Community College of Philadelphia$459 per credit hour + $96 in fees for each course (minimum 4 courses to maintain F-1 status x 3 credit hours)$5,89210 weeks (summer) – 16 weeks (fall/winter)$170$11,784No
Delaware County Community College$330 per credit hour (4 course minimum per semester x 3 hours)$3,92010 weeks (summer) – 16 weeks (fall/winter)$101$7,920No
La Salle University English Language Institute$2,6507 weeks$378$15,900No
Kaplan$1,0002 weeks and up$500$20,000No


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