New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced the beginning of a new program allowing about 13,000 students the ability to attend one of 13 community colleges for free, beginning this spring semester. (Check below to see if your community college is on the list.)

All of the 19 community colleges in the state had applied to be part of the program named, the Community College Innovation Challenge. As part of the program, each community college will receive a $250,000 grant for student outreach,

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Finding Confidence to Drink Wine Socially

College students are heading back to campus this month; many for the first time. One of the biggest concerns new college students is the college culture that revolves around drinking. Today’s post features an interview I had with a new author Anthony Crawford whose love of wine drove him to publish a book called The No Bull$*% Wine and Food Pairing Guide available today on Amazon Kindle.

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I’ve finally gotten neck deep into Typography and have released several fonts in the past week all of which I am quite proud. One of the things about fonts that really intrigues me are the lines and curves, but before that I was just plain ol’ bored with the free fonts we all can access through typical word processors. I miss the feeling of handwriting that I get from reading old journals and diaries and seeing all of the personality that goes into the handwriting.

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Over this past (LONG!) winter, I spent a great deal of time going through my parents old photos trying to fix coloration problems and rips/ tears through my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Each picture took time to restore, and as I worked on each, I came to look more deeply at the details in each picture. For example, what type of clothing they wore, what type of antiques they kept in their house.

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Hey there and happy President’s Day! Welcome old and new readers:

This is less of a blog post and more of an update on College Mamma.

College Mamma is going to see a relaunch this year. If you’ve been a reader since I started working on this website last August, you may have noticed that I stopped posting for a while and finally put the site in maintenance mode.

Why Was I Gone?
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Have you had an argument with your roommate? Stressing about your roommate’s nail clippings or socks on the floor? It can always get worse. This post brings in some of the most jaw-dropping college roommate experiences posted recently on Reddit.

Roommate’s Psycho Girlfriends

One guy recorded the on-going argument of his roommate’s girlfriend going crazy on him. The guy’s calm demeanor in listening to the vicious fight indicates how normal this type of fight could be.

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Food Insecurity

Food insecurity on campus is a growing trend and needs action. “Data from a survey of more than 4,000 students at 10 institutions around the country revealed that one in five was hungry, and 13 percent were homeless” (source).


Temple University and Wisconsin HOPE Lab are currently hosting #RealCollege hashtag on Twitter.

The aim behind this hashtag is to draw attention to the food insecurities that undergraduate students often face while they study.

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The Desire to Get into Computer Science

I’ve often wondered what it would take to become a software developer. There is a lot going for software developers who often get high salaries, awesome perks and benefits, paid-time-off, and so on. Did I forget to mention a very casual workplace where you can wear what you want? However, I scoff at the idea of going to college all over again to reinvent myself.  Yet, I am not alone in wanting to take a career shift.

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Featured Photo Background Credit: Pixabay, 12019. This post on preventing aggression contains affiliate links.

Preventing Aggression

We are barely beginning to recover from the gruesome Las Vegas attacks at James Aldean’s concert this past weekend. What we’ve learned so far about the killer shows next to no warning signs of a killer.

College students are at the cusp of their adult lives and may be wondering at this point, is this the world we want to live in?

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